Political Roundtable

Political Roundtable is APSS regular forum providing opportunity for political party leaders, political scientists (and other social scientists) & experts, bureaucrats, lead commentators, diplomats and media people. Political roundtables are open only for invited guests, but not a close door event. Followed by a brief presentation of context and associated analysis by a noted expert in similar field and key speeches of lead guests, all participants attend the event actively through floor open.

The APSS Political Roundtable is conducted very regularly in the capital city and the roundtables are part of the APSS’s slate of regular events and is designed to be a small meeting among 30 like-minded individuals to discuss various issues related to governance, politics and economy of the nation and region. Open exclusively to members of the APSS, the session features a short presentation by an invited guest, and includes a short question-and-answer segment. Thought-leaders and opinion-makers from around the nation and the globe are regularly featured in our Political Roundtable sessions.

List of Political Roundtables

Date Topic Location
1, July, 2016 Implementing Federalism in Nepal: Issues and Agenda Kathmandu
30, March, 2016 Reconstruction and Economic Development: Challenges and Opportunities in Current Situation Kathmandu